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During the 2016 off-season in the kitchen of a popular coastal Maine restaurant, Colvard & Co. was born. By the time owner and chef Carter came to Ethos Marketing seeking a new brand and packaging design, his sausages had devout customers and an innovative flavor suite that would keep them flying off the shelves.
With business moving fast and just one opportunity at expansion, Colvard & Co. needed a resonant brand strategy that would echo the appetite for the products themselves. The Colvard & Co. brand needed to channel the quality, tradition, and craftsmanship that inspired its recipes.
I began by creating a few directions of copy and visual brand styles that encapsulated what Colvard & Co. was all about. Chef Carter wanted his sausages to be a jumping off point for home chefs—a foundation of innovative flavors that anyone could build upon—so the brand too needed to be homespun and approachable.
The outcome featured an antique meat grinder—a nod toward the rich history of sausage making—paired with a clean, bold sans serif font that brought the brand to a modern palate. On the packaging design, hand-drawn ingredients took a star role, echoing the handcrafted quality of the specialty meats encased. I borrowed a muted color palette from the quality ingredients inside each sausage.
With a cohesive brand identity and narrative behind it, Colvard & Co. continues to reach new customers and inspire home-chefs to find their flavor.
early concept 1 / packaging + moodboard
early concept 2 / packaging + moodboard


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