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Like many industries experiencing labor shortages, trucking in Maine had thousands of positions to be filled, but difficulty attracting the people to fill them. A Transport Association came to Ethos with a challenge: to build awareness of the trucking industry among a younger target audience and encourage that audience to explore and apply for positions through a newly designed website. The team at Ethos created Go. Your Way.—a recruitment campaign that reframed trucking as a viable, high-paying, and adventurous career for a Gen Z audience.
Driven to the website by a robust social media campaign, users would need to easily find information and next steps for pursuing a career in trucking. I pushed the approachable brand aesthetic further on the web through photos of relatable people, custom icons and infographics, a bright, engaging color palette, and bold typography. The copy tone was conversational, helping to keep the information interesting and digestible for the target audience. The website needed to engage users on an emotional level—take control and live life on your terms—and a rational one—pursue a stable career and get paid.
To create a more engaging way to explore careers, we implemented an interactive "choose your road" component that matches applicant traits with a related industry position. After going through the four question quiz, the user would be matched with a handful of career options and directed to the applicable career pages.
With the help of Ethos Marketing's effective and potent social media campaign driving leads to the new website, the site design has played a pivotal role in the campaign's success. Within the first few months, the site had over 8k unique sessions, and its impact continues to drive applicants to the rewarding and exciting trucking industry.


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